NiCE IT Management Solutions is a company that has over 20 years of experience with Cross Platform Application Monitoring Solutions on UNIX, Linux, and Windows. It has amassed this wealth of experience from collaboration and integration with its valued Business Partners including HP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and BlackBerry.

NiCE roots come from years of developing and perfecting Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) with Business Partner, Hewlett Packard. With the introduction of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, NiCE started developing Application Monitoring solutions for this platform as well. As a Microsoft System Center Alliance Partner, NiCE provides management packs for database and communication applications.

NiCE Management Packs for SCOM
NiCE Management Packs for SCOM include: NiCE Oracle MP (

NiCE BES 10 MP (

NiCE DB2 MP ( )

NiCE BlackBerry MP (, a FREE Log File MP ( and so much more.

NiCE’s mission has always been to provide the best monitoring solution for IT professionals worldwide. The company’s highly skilled team services clients from around the globe spanning from SMBs to large corporations.  NiCE IT Management Solutions is focused on ensuring that its clients are completely satisfied with its products because of the value they add to their clients’ business.

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