For over a decade, EView Technology has been a trusted “go-to” resource when it comes to managing and integrating the IBM server environments into the leading IT Enterprise Management software providers. EView Technology specializes in solutions that seamlessly integrate management, monitoring, and automated control of IBM mainframe and AS/400-iSeries environments into leading IT Management and Discovery platforms.

EView Technology, located in Raleigh, North Carolina USA, was founded in March 2000. Our expertise and key focus is on providing solutions which automate IT Enterprise Operations and Discovery by consolidating, real-time monitoring & automated control and discovery of IBM server environments (Mainframe/zSeries & iSeries-AS/400) into industry leading Operations Management and UCMDB Discovery enterprise platforms.

Customers select EView Technology for our expertise in providing comprehensive solutions which facilitate the consolidation of the IBM legacy server environments under a single view. The EView solutions take the complex and make it look easy.

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