We are happy to announce the availability of our latest Xangati Product Suite XSR12U2 update for all customers with existing support and maintenance contracts. With our latest release, you will now be able to track and correlate efficiency metrics against performance, availability and relative capacity indices through Xangati’s service assurance analytics platform.
With real time key performance data calculating capacity planning (right-size investments) and efficiency optimization (cost reduction opportunities), you can avoid and remediate virtualization performance degradation. Xangati’s Efficiency Index, now a standard attribute in our main scorecard, measures the extent to which available capacity (CPU, Memory, Storage, Network Interface) is fully utilized.
Included in the release are various new options and standard features as outlined below:

  • XenServer hypervisors and clusters (called Pools) are now supported
  • Open vSwitches (OVS), which are commonly used in XenServer environments, are now supported
  • New resource contention storm warnings include analysis of XenServer environments
  • Now warns about unusual use of services, storage, virtual applications and Web applications
  • All New Executive Dashboard now covering anomaly traffic
  • Has specific knowledge of over 20 Internet-based bandwidth hogging services to police user activities
  • In addition to logon times, reconnect times have been added for XenDesktop and XenApp users
  • Insight into storage controller and volume contention helps to keep operations running smoothly
  • Streamlined workflow makes installation easier than ever
  • RESTful APIs provide access to all metrics collected as well as storm analytics results


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