Infinio Accelerator 3.0 brings exceptional performance to VMware-based environments

Cambridge, MA – June 13, 2016 Infinio, a market leader in storage acceleration, today announced the general availability of Accelerator 3.0, bringing raw performance of 1,000,000 IOPS, 20GB/sec throughput and 80 μs response time to VMware datacenters.  Built on vSphere APIs for IO Filtering, Accelerator is certified as VMware Ready, and operates with VMware Storage Policy-Based Management.

This release furthers Infinio’s reputation for delivering high performance storage acceleration for VMware environments.  Accelerator 3.0 can serve the needs both of organizations looking to deliver never before seen storage performance for next-generation applications supporting financial, healthcare, and scientific industries; as well as help IT departments with more traditional needs of back-office databases, enterprise applications, and virtual desktops dramatically reduce storage costs.

“We founded Infinio on the belief that bringing the hottest data close to applications, leveraging the fastest server-side media, is the best architecture for attaining storage performance,” says Infinio CEO Arun Agarwal, “In this release, we’ve delivered industry-leading performance, while staying true to Infinio’s claim to fame: a product that is non-disruptive, transparent to storage and applications, and that can be installed and operational in 15 minutes or less.”

Tim Stammers, analyst with 451 Research, said, “Software such as Infinio’s can provide a major performance boost – without the disruption, overhead, or cost of alternative approaches. Any enterprise serious about performance should consider it."

Also available in this release are several other features:

  • Support for SSDs and Flash devices enhances Infinio’s memory-centric design with a tiered architecture that combines the speed of RAM with the larger sizes of flash
  • VM-level acceleration enables architects to target the highest priority applications with the best performance resources
  • Increased platform support for all VMware storage types, including SAN, NAS, and DAS hardware supporting Virtual Machine File System, Virtual SAN, and vSphere Virtual Volumes, enabling a variety of customers to benefit from Infinio


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