OpenVMS Modernization with E-Cube.

VMS Software's commitment to the OpenVMS platform alleviates uncertainty about OpenVMS.  But many organizations are concerned about their ability to support and maintain strategic applications built on the powerful operating system.

To address these concerns, VMS Software, with the help of partners like eCube, will have to:

           Build on the strengths of OpenVMS
           Deliver on their commitment to the future
           Place ease of use, productivity and people at the heart of their business

At eCube, we are focused on the development process. Software engineering on OpenVMS needs to be more productive, done with higher quality and greater automation to win the future. And that’s what we do. Explore what we’ve done for our clients to ensure the viability of their applications and the productivity of their people.

The Benefits of Modernizing the OpenVMS Development Process

After reviewing the OpenVMS market, Cal, one of the largest financial service companies in Israel, decided that modernizing their development environment would enable them to immediately update their work processes, improve code quality and broaden the agility of their application and the capabilities of their development team.



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