Alpha and VAX computer replacement.
Runs OpenVMS and Tru64 on standard (x86) computers. Protect the investment in your Alpha & VAX applications

Do not change your valuable business software by porting it to another platform. Instead, create a virtual Alpha or VAX inside a modern computer and run your applications there, unchanged. Your software will recognize the virtual Alpha or VAX as the system it was running on all these years and it will therefore continue to run. This prolongs its life time by many more years.

VAX computer replacement
vtVAX builds a VAX-like environment inside a regular Intel or AMD based computer. You can continue using your VAX-based software on a modern computer without a single change. With the VAX computer itself end-of-life and out-of-support, vtVAX rescues your valuable applications.

Virtualization preserves your investment in the legacy VAX applications while providing the advantages of new hardware: improved performance and reliability along with decreased acquisition cost and operating expense.

There is more to this then meets the eye because the hardware architecture of the VAX and a modern computer are very different. vtVAX solves this by offering you and your software the same environment you were used to work in.

vtAlpha, a quick summary

vtAlpha is a software product that creates the hardware interface of an Alpha computer system on a regular Intel or AMD processor based system.
It allows the owners of Alpha computer systems to simply copy their Alpha disk content to the new host computer and run their Alpha based software on a totally different hardware architecture.
No application software migration is required, saving enormous amounts of effort, time and money. You can simply integrate your Alpha systems in your company  IT infrastructure.

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