Infotheek and BGS join forces to address EMEA OpenVMS projects. Infotheek, one of Europe's leading IT suppliers, and BGS, alliance partner of VMS Software, Inc. (VSI), the developer of the OpenVMS operating system, join forces to deliver the full portfolio of HPE Integrity servers and VSI OpenVMS software and services, EMEA wide. The combination of Infotheek's logistical power, HPE expertise and customer service expertise, with BGS' deep knowledge of OpenVMS, presents a total solution to the EMEA market.

Infotheek, with offices in 18 countries across the entire EMEA region, will be a single point of contact for local customers. With their combined HPE portfolio expertise, the new alliance will bring great value to the current OpenVMS market.

BGS' alliance with VSI offers customers the best of both worlds: local access to OpenVMS expertise through BGS and Infotheek's network of OpenVMS consulting and migration resources, and access to up-to-date support information from VSI itself, the developer of VSI OpenVMS.

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