Xangati is a recognized leader in application-aware infrastructure intelligence.

Through its 360-degree cross-silo approach, Xangati provides app-aware, continuous and scalable intelligence across an enterprise’s entire infrastructure. Xangati dashboards provide visual views of all parts of a mission-critical infrastructure and track performance health on a second-by-second basis to provide performance assurances for the most complex virtualized applications, virtual infrastructures (VIs) and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) workloads.


Xangati provides a proactive performance health index with alerts that come with DVR recordings showing the source of contention storms in high-resolution detail.  With our unique Visual Trouble Ticket (VTT), end-user issues can be tracked through an end-user recording portal that can be integrated with your service desk software



The Xangati App Dashboard assures end-to-end user experience for your mobile applications

Xangati ensures an optimal application performance for XenApp end users and helps to quickly deploy and optimize your XenApp solution to cut application transaction times and reduce costs by centralizing control and security. Fully integrated with HDX technologies, Xangati gives performance insights to help deliver a native touch-enabled look-and-feel through your Citrix XenApp deployment.


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